Gymnastics Classes

Invictus Gymnastics and Therapy offers a variety of classes ranging from private to large group classes. Each class is structured based on the athletes' abilities, age, and individualized to each child's needs.​

Classes include the use of gymnastics equipment with additional supplemental equipment.

Makeup Policy: Any missed class(es) must be made up within the session period. Only one makeup class is allowed during each month, with minimum 24 hour notice. Arrangements for all makeup classes must be made in advance.

Uniform Policy: We do not require athletes to purchase gymnastics practice uniform, however, we ask that athletes dress in snug fitting and stretchy workout attire. Athletes should wear gymnastics leotards or snug shirt and shorts that do not have any zippers or buttons, no jean or khaki materials.

Monthly Sessions Include

Private (1 athlete : 1 coach )
Semi-Private (2-3 athletes : 1 coach)
Small Group (4-6 athletes : 1 coach)
Large Group (7-10 athletes : 1 coach)

Class Times
20 minutes to 85 minutes
1 - 5 times per week

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Our focus is to promote strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. Recreational gymnastics is guided by learning through movement and play!

Sensory & Behavior

Through a safe and encouraging environment, our highly trained staff combines gymnastics with positive reinforcement strategies to develop athletes physical and cognitive abilities, positive behaviors, and emotions.

Social Play

We use gymnastics to facilitate positive social interactions, through small group classes. We encourage athletes to engage using social skills while gaining confidence amongst peers and building self-esteem.