About Us

Invictus Gymnastics And Therapy is open to children and adolescents. We create classes to meet each individuals needs and encourage participation from family and friends.​

Gymnastics is a sport that is known to improve overall fitness and extended learning provides additional cognitive and psychosocial benefits. Gymnastics addresses many physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social skills required for daily living.

At Invictus Gymnastics and Therapy, we work on improving all skills through a fun environment for kids, parents, and friends. We enjoy entertaining and expanding the minds and skills of each child through a unique and stimulating environment.

Development at IG&T

As your child progresses throughout our program they will expand in their physical and mental abilities, along with learning and practicing important life skills.

Physical Skills

- Strength
- Balance
- Coordination
- Flexibility
- Muscular Development
- Stamina
- Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Cognitive Development

- Conceptual Themes
- Critical Thinking
- Problem Solving
- Increased Attention
- Focus/Concentration
- Retention

Behavior & Social Skills

- Following Instruction
- Proper Imitation
- Listening and Responding Skills
- Communication
- Social Interaction ​​


- Self-Esteem
Body Confidence
- Overcoming Fears
- Self-Motivation
- Understand Emotions


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